Public Relations

  • Local media representative for Yelp in Phoenix
  • Secured over 100 media partnerships, stories and air time.
  • Hosted Eight Presents on AZ PBS
  • Regular spots on Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, AZ Family
  • Regular as a local expert on Your Life A to Z
  • Guest writer for AZ Foothills, Scoop Factory and So Scottsdale
  • Secured 22 media hits for Yelp’s Super Bowl 49 marketing campaign

Industry Background

  • Marketing and Community Director for
  • Community Relations Manager for University of Phoenix/Apollo Group
  • Click here for a creative portfolio and full resume


  • Wrote the Weekly Yelp newsletter distributed on a weekly basis.
  • Created content for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Yelp
  • Wrote media alerts to secure print, digital and broadcast media hits.
  • Wrote recaps and blog posts to secure event PR for marketing events.
  • Wrote marketing content for advertisements to promote Yelp marketing campaigns.

Online Reputation Management

  • Consulted business owners on helpful tools and services that will increase awareness of their brand through online review sites.

  • Created marketing programs directed toward the online reviewer to engage the conversation between the consumer and business owner to create a positive opinion of the brand.
  • Planned and executed marketing events to increase awareness for the business and engage the reviewer with the business with the goal to create a returning customer.

Event Planner

  • Increased brand awareness for local and national businesses
  • Solely planned and executed over 200 events ranging from 100- 2,000 attendees.
  • Created an engaging conversation between the businesses and the most active and vocal local consumers and tastemakers to create a returning customer.​

Social Media

  • Grew social media presence to:​
    • 12,000 Twitter followers
    • 13 million online impressions for Super Bowl 49 marketing campaign

Business Development

  • Organized and executed business owner panels for online reputation management and business marketing.
  • Educated over 2,000 business owners through 1:1 consulting and business owner townhalls.
  • Worked with businesses to develop a marketing plan to successfully engage with their consumer base.
  • Created marketing campaigns to bring traffic into the business and create a returning customer.