Hi fellow AZ Moms! My name is Lindsey and when I'm not wearing my business hat as a business Marketing consultant in the Valley, I am a Mom of two little ladies! As the former head of Marketing for Yelp Phoenix Metro, I spent years connecting the local community with great local businesses, products and services and now I spend my days doing the same for my kids and other local families! You can follow my local adventures and learn about my local finds on Instagram (@mykidstourguide) and my blog (

As I explore the family-oriented businesses, events and products around town with my family, I find one common denominator in newly opened businesses. They have an amazing concept that addresses a family-oriented need in the Valley, but nearly half of them don't survive more than six months because they are missing a few important components.

How could this problem be solved?

By having an owner meet with a select group of influential and experienced Moms to run ideas past them before they open! Just a little tweak could make the difference between a business sinking or swimming and I want to help businesses make that tweak. Why? Because if a family-oriented concept survives then it gives us more opportunities for fun with our families around town! If they fail, they fail both for themselves and for the family community.

This is where you come in! I am looking for a select group of local Moms who are passionate about local family-friendly businesses to join my exclusive list! It's FREE and your name will not be share with anyone else without your prior permission.

Do you enjoy taking your kids to family-friendly places and events around town?

Do you like discovering family-friendly products for kids and parents?

Do you love sharing your feedback and ideas when it comes to growing the local area of family-friendly attractions and businesses? 

If you answered yes to these three questions, then this is for you!

By filling out this form, you will join a private list of local Moms who will act as a resource for local family-oriented businesses, products and attractions opening up in the Valley. In order for a business to succeed, they need to hear from their customers first, so this focus group will allow them to connect with their customers and ask them questions, run the ideas past them and get Moms overall feedback before they they actually STAY open! 

What's in it for you?  FREE STUFF!

With every opportunity, those who opt in for the focus group will receive fun incentives including but not limited to:

1. Giveaways
2. Entry into drawings for free passes, memberships, gift cards, etc
3. Discounts
4. Private events 
5. Free entry 
6.. You'll be the first to know about what's coming to the Valley
7. You'll have a chance to be a part of our local growth in a way that appeals to parents and families. 

Next steps:

After filling out this form, from time to time, you will receive opportunities to be a part of a market research group for local family-oriented businesses newly opened or coming to the Valley. You will have the opportunity to opt-in to the opportunities and receive fun incentives for your participation! The goal of this focus group is to grow our local family-friendly business community in a way that appeals to the families they want to attract so they stay open and succeed! If they succeed, that means we have more fun for families! 

This is a PRIVATE list and WILL NOT be shared with anyone else without prior consent. I will ONLY send you authentic and fun opportunities that you can choose to opt in for. 

Time commitment will vary and can mean anything from filling out a questionnaire to getting to visit the business itself. 

For any questions, of if you know a business who would like to participate, email me at