Elite Market Savvy       

Want a coach who will tell you how to hire the right Marketing professionals for your business? Scam or not you ask? NOPE. It's the best kept strategic secret on how to jump start your Marketing without making senseless beginner mistakes and wasting all your money along the way!

A Coach who Cares About the Business AND the Bottom Line.

You own a business, want to start a business or work for a business. You operate the business, but you don't know where to start when it comes to MARKETING the business. You search for Marketing agencies, you post about Marketing help on Facebook and you read articles. Agencies reach out to you and tell you that their method will do the trick and get you ROI. You get quotes for thousands of dollars. Your head is spinning and you don't know what to do. You are a small business owner who just wants to know the best way to Market at the stage you're in. You don't have millions of dollars but you have a dream to succeed. You can succeed if you spend your Marketing money the SMART way.

Lindsey has been working with small businesses for 14 years and her number one passion is to help the small business owner succeed. But it's much harder to succeed than it looks and one of the biggest reasons are the multiple Marketing scams trying to take advantage of the small business owner! The best way to avoid wasting money is to wean out the scams and Lindsey will help you do this. 

During your free 15 minute consultation, you will get the chance to share your dream, present your Marketing opportunities and ideas and tell Lindsey about your business. Lindsey will then email you with a high level business consultation that creates a roadmap for you to follow to achieve Marketing success. 

It's time business owners have the CHANCE to succeed. 

How It Works 

1. Email us with an brief overview of your business 

2. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation call where you get to tell us about your business and the Marketing opportunities presented to you. 

3. Following the call, we will email you an unbiased analysis with a roadmap of what you SHOULD do to Market your business and what you should stay away from. 

4. That's it! We offer coaching packages if you want to continue with consultations, but if not, you are given a free 15 minute analysis and we won't bug you again! 

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