building positive brands both on & Offline.

​Elite Market Savvy (EMS) is a freelance service that will help your small business achieve marketing success through Digital Marketing. EMS creates a strategic plan individually specialized to the client’s needs. EMS can be hired to help your business with Digital Marketing, reputation management, PR, Social Media, Marketing Event Planning, Writing, Speaking Engagements and Training 

Join me in my efforts to show our support for small business in 2016! My goal is to give as many small businesses as I can, the marketing tools they need to succeed. Read more here

Learn About Lindsey

Lindsey is the founder of EMS and has over ten years of experience in marketing with a proven track record of success. With a five-year background in Marketing for and a five-year background in Marketing and Community Relations for University of Phoenix/Apollo Group, Lindsey has an extensive background in how to effectively market to a targeted consumer base. Click here for her complete creative portfolio.