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"With my background in working for an online reputation company, I can help your business earn a positive reputation that will result in positive online reviews" - Lindsey

Meet Lindsey 

"I created the World's Largest Snack Stadium and I can create a fun and exciting campaign for your business!" - Lindsey

"I am a Marketing professional, a local field expert and an online influencer. I take my knowledge from both ends of the spectrum to create unique Marketing campaigns for clients." - Lindsey

"I come up with OUT OF THE BOX ideas that will tell your story and sell your brand in a creative and effective way!" - Lindsey ​

Lindsey is the founder of EMS and has over thirteen years of experience in marketing with a proven track record of success. With a five-year background in marketing for and a five-year background in Marketing and Community Relations for University of Phoenix/Apollo Group, Lindsey has an extensive background in Marketing to a targeted consumer base. She now acts as a freelance Marketing consultant and has worked with clients around the Valley for over 3 years 

Lindsey has an undergraduate degree from University of Arizona and an MBA in Marketing. After five years in Marketing and Community Relations for Apollo Group, Lindsey joined Yelp in 2010 as the head of Marketing for Phoenix and surrounding cities. During Lindsey’s career at Yelp as the Senior Marketing Director, she grew the community to become one of top 10 largest Yelp markets in the world. As the only Marketing employee in charge of the area, Lindsey helped business owners increase their brand awareness by creating creative marketing and social media strategies to engage with their target audience.

Lindsey has been at the forefront of the industry during a decade of Marketing evolution. As a field expert, Lindsey focuses on creating a strategy that aligns Digital Marketing with traditional Marketing. She works with her clients to identify their target market, trains them on ways to market to their target demographic, executes creative Marketing campaigns and helps them maintain a positive reputation both online and offline.

Lindsey has been involved in Social Media since its inception. After growing the Yelp Phoenix Twitter handle to 12,500 followers and the newsletter to 500,000, Lindsey now works with clients to create and execute a social media strategy and management plan that meets their short and long-term goals. This is done through thinking outside the box and coming up with creative online campaigns to create an engaging conversation to drive traffic.

Lindsey is a public speaker who trains small business owners on Digital Marketing and Reputation Management. She is also an educator and trains the next generation by teaching Marketing courses at the college level and writing for local publications. Lindsey lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Scott and their two daughters.

Lindsey prides herself in coming up with creative and out of the box ways to increase brand awareness for businesses and she is passionate about the success of each and every client.

Industry Background

  • Marketing and Community Director for
  • Community Relations Manager for University of Phoenix/Apollo Group

Online Reputation Management

  • Consulted business owners on helpful tools and services that will increase awareness of their brand through online review sites.
  • Created marketing programs directed toward the online reviewer to engage the conversation between the consumer and business owner to create a positive opinion of the brand.
  • Planned and executed marketing events to increase awareness for the business and engage the reviewer with the business with the goal to create a returning customer
  • Event Planner
  • Increased brand awareness for local and national businesses
  • Solely planned and executed over 200 events ranging from 100- 2,000 attendees.
  • Created an engaging conversation between the businesses and the most active and vocal local consumers and tastemakers to create a returning customer.​

Public Relations

  • Local media representative for Yelp in Phoenix
  • Secured over 100 media partnerships, stories and air time.
  • Hosted Eight Presents on AZ PBS
  • Regular spots on Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, AZ Family
  • Regular as a local expert on Your Life A to Z
  • Guest writer for AZ Foothills, Scoop Factory and So Scottsdale
  • Secured 22 media hits for Yelp’s Super Bowl 49 marketing campaign

Social Media

  • Grew social media presence to:​
    • 12,000 Twitter followers
    • 13 million online impressions for Super Bowl 49 marketing campaign

Business Development

  • Organized and executed business owner panels for online reputation management and business marketing.
  • Educated over 2,000 business owners through 1:1 consulting and business owner townhalls.
  • Worked with businesses to develop a marketing plan to successfully engage with their consumer base.
  • Created marketing campaigns to bring traffic into the business and create a returning customer.


  • Wrote the Weekly Yelp newsletter distributed on a weekly basis.
  • Created content for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Yelp
  • Wrote media alerts to secure print, digital and broadcast media hits.
  • Wrote recaps and blog posts to secure event PR for marketing events.
  • Wrote marketing content for advertisements to promote Yelp marketing campaigns.